Treat & Gift Buckets


Make these simple and cute treat/gift buckets.  Just purchase gallon clear craft buckets from your local craft store (Joanne's or Michaels).  Cut out the designs and use adhesive spray to glue the paper to the bucket.  Add a few ribbons and fill the bucket with some yummy treats. 
Then give to your favorite teacher!  

$6 per page.  Each page makes 2-3 buckets
(buckets are purchased separately)
 Just choose from a fun design or create your own:

 Not JUST for teachers!!
These buckets make fun gifts for all sorts of occasions!

Father's Day

Soccer Bucket:
Use as a snack bucket for the team or as a gift for the coach. 

Hockey Team Bucket

Thanksgiving Gift

BBQ Bucket- great for Father's Day

Girl Happy Birthday Bucket

Kitty Treats


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